We're excited to be attending the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference on 12-13 September in Miami. Meet us on Stand 54
Lifecycle Asset Management - flydocs
We're excited to be attending the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference on 12-13 September in Miami. Meet us on Stand 54


LAM is flydocs Lifecycle Asset Management software, designed to help airlines manage their assets from acquisition right the way through to phase-out. 

If you’re looking for a way to reduce costs, mitigate commercial & compliance risk and improve asset utilisation, LAM is designed to support you. 

Why invest in asset management software?

  • Reduce risk: by safeguarding against commercial and compliance risks, you’ll protect asset value throughout its lifecycle.  
  • Remove guesswork: scenario and forecast modelling helps you to make data-driven decisions about how to futureproof your fleet-wide assets. 
  • Take control: compare real-time engineering data with your lease conditions, allowing you to effectively plan, save time and reduce costs. 
  • Smooth transitions: when it’s time to redeliver the aircraft, integrated data sharing and notification of major events keeps all teams on the same page. 

How LAM works

LAM combines your technical records and lease condition documents with live operational data – that’s anything from engineering stats to record status and HT/OCCM listing – to produce powerful real-time dashboards and personalised insights

By bringing together this wealth of information into one cloud-based platform, Technical and Engineering teams can effectively plan ahead for maintenance tasks throughout the aircraft lifecycle. With both current status and predicted scenario modelling tools, you can maximise asset utilisation and optimise fleet planning, while avoiding compliance issues

When it comes to Commercial and Finance teams, you can access real-time and predicted financial data, without manual record tracking or complex spreadsheets. Breathe a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that you have a single source of information between teams, and concentrate on protecting your assets value and minimising commercial risk. 

Key features at a glance 

Manage your aviation asset costs effectively from phase-in to phase-out 

  • Real-time data dashboards, plus forecasts and scenario modelling
  • Lease management, enabling better compliance management throughout the asset lifecycle
  • Trackable history of every major component
  • Utilisation management, with one-click approvals
  • Maintenance timeline with automated critical event reminders 
  • Predictive reporting for future maintenance events and costs  
  • Trackable maintenance reserve (MR) claims and auto-updated MR fund balance 
  • Integrate historic asset data for clear history of major assemblies 
  • Integrate with digital records management application for real-time contract vs status comparisons  

Why flydocs?

With over 500m live records across 7,500 aircraft under our belt, we’re trusted by you to store your data in the most efficient way possible. 

This also means we understand the value that leveraging this data can bring to your airline, both in terms of real cost savings (say goodbye to hefty transition penalties!) and predictive insights to maximise operational efficiencies. 

Over 75 airlines have chosen us since 2007: will you join them?