We're excited to be attending the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference on 12-13 September in Miami. Meet us on Stand 54
Lifecycle Asset Management - flydocs
We're excited to be attending the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference on 12-13 September in Miami. Meet us on Stand 54

Through the flydocs Lifecycle Asset Management platform, airlines can easily manage their end-to-end asset lifecycle, reducing cost, mitigating commercial and compliance risk, as well as improving asset utilisation.  

flydocs Lifecycle Asset Management solution has been developed leveraging our extensive knowledge of the airline industry. flydocs have been managing airlines maintenance and engineering records since 2007, currently the flydocs platform hosts 500m+ live records across 7.5k aircraft.  

What is Lifecyle Asset Management

flydocs Lifecycle Asset Management solution provides insight and understanding of assets status throughout the lifecycle from phase-in to phase-out and everything in between.  

  • Data-Driven Success: Reduce costs with fleet wide predictive data analytics.  
  • Seamless transitions: Through integrated data sharing. 
  • Protect Assets: Maximise the value of all your assets throughout their lifecycle. 
  • Take Control: In real-time monitor and compare your engineering data vs your lease conditions, saving time and costs.  
  • Enhance Decision Making: Scenario and forecast modelling to achieve optimal asset utilisation.  
  • Risk-Ready Solution: Protect asset value by safeguarding against commercial and compliance risks. 
  • Empower Operational Performance: By synchronising your technical and commercial data points. 

What is flydocs Lifecycle Asset Management solution?  

A cloud-based solution available from any location to help you understand the status and potential of your aviation assets. It assists in the reduction of risk and increase efficiency leveraging a vast amount of data, removing the need to manage the assets lifecycle through tools such as complex spreadsheets and manual record tracking. The solution provides you with real-time dashboards, scheduled reports and insights into the status and predicted status of your assets through the lifecycle to allow you to better manage your aircraft and their risks as well as helping you protect your assets value. 

At a glance 

Manage your aviation asset costs effectively from phase-in to phase-out 

  • Asset Management: Increase the availability of assets and streamline the lifecycle events by tracking the history of every major component.
  • Utilisation Management: Optimise asset utilisation with the ability to manage and approve figures at the touch of a button significantly reducing the administration overhead. 
  • Automate key events and milestones: Automate reminders of critical events such as insurance schedules, annual rate escalations and utilisation reporting, ensuring optimal conditions are maintained throughout the lifecycle and your MRO funds are fully tracked and understood.   
  • Integrate with historic asset data: Leverage historic asset data to provide clear visibility of the movement and history of major assemblies, parts and components, and a timeline of maintenance events – both performed and forecast shop visits. Helping you maintain your assets value. 
  • Technical link: Integrate with your digital records management applications to provide a real-time view of the contract or sale conditions with the technical status of the asset. 
  • MR Claims Management: Get more from your maintenance reserves with the ability to easily track the history of all maintenance reserve (MR) claims and automatically update your MR fund balance.  
  • Asset Management Dashboard: Empower your teams with real-time data visibility alongside forecasts and scenario modelling to fully optimise your fleet throughout the lifecycle to maintain value.  
  • Interactive Reporting: Stay ahead with our advanced predictive analytics and reporting for managing data and insights into your assets. 
  • Predict future maintenance events and costs: Utilising our bespoke ‘flyforward’ methodologies to predict future maintenance events and costs, placing our customers in a unique position to manage their finances and budgets. 
  • Lease Management: Reduce the risk and associated costs at redelivery by capturing lease contracts, including return conditions to enable better management of lease compliance throughout the asset’s lifecycle.