Paperless Airplanes
By Nomsa Sibanda
03 December, 2015

Latest view from Adrian Ryan, FLYdocs CEO.

As the aviation sector grows – handling ever-greater numbers of passengers, freight and flights – commercial airlines are becoming increasingly dependent on digital systems. So, for me, it made perfect sense to create a way for technology to take over from outdated paper-based records management. My aim was to develop a more effective means of storing data, reducing costs, facilitating regulatory compliance and overseeing fleet transitions.

My solution is FLYdocs, a system designed to drive the paperless office revolution; and provide specialist technical and business consultancy services from the UK, India and other worldwide offices.

FLYdocs is a low cost, high delivery product that pays for itself every time one of our clients deploys it.

FLYdocs is now the most advanced system on the market specifically designed to enable Aircraft Operators, Leasing Companies, Aircraft Owners, Banks and Asset Managers to go paperless. We scan records on-site, then indexes and inventories are uploaded to a personalised FLYdocs website. This allows the client to outsource the whole process to a single point of contact – or administer their Documents, Maintenance Diary, Staffing and Aircraft Status from their own desk.

In the next 10 years, huge expansion is predicted for the Indian aviation market. So, with customers across Europe, Americas and Asia, we’re investing in India and our Gujarat office as a key global hub – aiming for around 1,000 employees by 2018.

India has a wealth of technical and customer service talent, helping our rapid growth into the largest provider of our kind in the world. Our global support centre, R&D teams and specialist aviation technical consultants are all based in Gujarat, while the customer-facing teams spend much of their time delivering services on customer sites around the globe.

And we have just had an excellent article written in the CIO Review India.

Head on over and check it out here – www.CIOreview.in

What they said

  • FLYdocs has successfully completed lease return projects for Wizz Air in the past, which gave us great insight into the power of their system. Now with full access to FLYdocs®, we have the right platform to manage all of our records across the entire portfolio.
    - Heiko Holm, Technical Director, Wizz Air
  • We can instantly see a project status, identify queries and delegate team members to respond to them all within the system. This detailed visibility provides us with every confidence in our ability to successfully redeliver this large number of aircraft in such a short period of time.
    - Jan De Meyer, Technical Representative & Records Manager, Brussels Airlines
  • We expect the FLYdocs® system to facilitate smoother aircraft lease returns, through benefits such as the structuring of and access to our maintenance records.
    - Rob Saunders, Manager Engineering Development Cathay Pacific Airways
  • We have already enjoyed the benefit of cost and time savings involved with researching historical information – what used to take days to complete, now takes mere seconds to search and find documentation.
    - Jim Landers SVP- Technical Operations Hawaiian Airlines
  • The FLYdocs document audit was very comprehensive and captured a lot of discrepancies that might have otherwise been missed during a physical on-site documentation review. Once in a digital format, it was very quick and easy to locate a required document or piece of information.
    - Dean Pang, Engineering Executive at SilkAir
  • FLYdocs® allows us to be prepared and in a proactive position instead of reacting to document findings from a lessor just before the physical inspection starts. The feedback from the lessors is always positive as they can review the documents online and on different remote locations.
    - Werner Reiser Senior Manager Phase Out Program SWISS International Air Lines Ltd
  • We are excited to be moving to a new digital way of working that will transform our current engineering practices and we ensure that we deliver against our ambitious asset transition programme, keeping us and our fleet at the forefront of aviation in Europe.
    - Cemil Sayar, Director Technic, SunExpress
  • FLYdocs not only brings a leading software solution but also specific expert knowledge in the area of commercial aviation records management.
    - Rob Saunders, Manager Engineering Development Cathay Pacific Airways
  • The visibility and advanced electronic real-time audit functionality across both the records and aircraft physical inspection sides of the process have allowed Virgin staff, our MRO partners and the lessors, lessees and aviation authorities involved in the process to pro-actively manage each delivery with ease.
    - Rick Daniels Information Services & Airworthiness Records Manager Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • The platform’s superior functionality will provide us ease of use and multi-user web access to technical aircraft records from anywhere in the world.
    - Justin Goatcher, CDB Aviation, Head of Asset Management
  • The platform will bring much more versatility and control across the entire audit and transition process. We are also excited by the improvements it will make to our aircraft remarketing and trading performance too.
    - Rich Poutier, Chief Technical Officer, MCAP
  • We were impressed by the technical capabilities of the FLYdocs® platform. We contracted FLYdocs to manage the complete project from scanning to audit, and have the FLYdocs team to thank for their hard work and expertise.
    - Barry Keenaghan, Project Manager, NAC

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