We're excited to be attending the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference on 12-13 September in Miami. Meet us on Stand 54
Aircraft Records Management System | flydocs
We're excited to be attending the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference on 12-13 September in Miami. Meet us on Stand 54

Maximise the power of flydocs through M&E software integration

The aviation industry is evolving. As digitisation leads to a fully paperless future, it’s time to ensure that, where maintenance & engineering (M&E) are involved, software products across the sector continue to evolve, while still interfacing with each other. There’s a multitude of industry M&E platforms available today, all of which offer a variety of over-and-above functionality. From the very beginning of a record’s life, signatures can be totally digital or can be printed and scanned for digital storage, but it’s in the “post-maintenance” stage of the process where a Records Management software solution like flydocs® comes into its own.

What do Data Feeds into flydocs® do for clients?

Using flydocs® as a standalone solution immediately delivers a variety of significant benefits; but allowing M&E platforms to interface with flydocs® brings a whole host more.

Digitised aircraft records management

Just imagine being able to access your Aircraft Records Management System and seeing every work pack for every asset in your fleet with all associated documentation loaded against it. You could then go into a pack within a few clicks to audit all the documentation, which is already sorted, task card by task card, without going through a stack of paper on your desk. Our clients can fully digitise their end-to-end records management process within flydocs® – several global and national flag carriers do this today already.

Google-speed document searches

With flydocs®, clients can carry out Google-speed searches for documents right from day one, thanks to our industry-leading data scrapping technology and powerful infrastructure.

Need to look at a certain task card from a certain maintenance check without doing a global search? Then make use of the data feeds coming from your M&E platform and go straight to the right work pack and task card in moments. Whether you’re carrying out an ARC review, looking to optimise your maintenance tasks and review findings on certain task cards across the fleet, or simply making your entire post-maintenance aircraft records management workflows fully paperless; this is your opportunity.

Searchable handwritten paper records

Still need to refer to some of your handwritten paper records? No problem. flydocs® overcomes the challenges of OCR by bringing in a feed of all your scanned handwritten records and all the data entered against the same record/task in the M&E platform. Since flydocs® can automatically associate the text with your scanned records, handwritten records become fully searchable enabling you to quickly locate the digital record, if need be.

M&E data alongside its associated record – a powerful combination

flydocs knows there’s more to managing your assets than just work packs. And we know our clients need to report on the current status of their assets:

  • what airworthiness directives and service bulletins have been accomplished?
  • what’s the current component fit?
  • how much life remains on time-controlled installed components?

You need answers to these questions all in one place – and you can have that with flydocs®’ compliance-on-demand capabilities.

With feeds into flydocs® from your M&E platform, or wherever the data resides, flydocs® can automatically place your M&E data alongside its associated records. This enables you to work with both sets of data and records in one place, offering advanced functionality, compliance-on-demand for those BAU tasks and allowing, for example, digital paperless asset transitions. It’s a great step in your digital transformation journey!

Having an API that pulls your data feeds across platforms means you have more control over your post maintenance workflows – so a platform like flydocs can streamline your everyday processes, boosting efficiency and removing reliance on spreadsheets, emails and paper trails.

What more can flydocs do for our clients?

We’re always striving to do what we do even better. We want to support industry efforts and aspirations, and ultimately help drive the change that will make the aviation market place a fully digital eco-system. Having specs such as, but not limited to, ATA Spec 2000 and 2500 is just the starting point in introducing a standardised data package. flydocs® can take the strain out of the process by converting your data, regardless of your M&E platform, into an ATA Spec2000/2500-friendly structure.

By driving standardisation across all flydocs’ clients, peer-to-peer trading of assets and associated data can become seamless, without any loss of the associated structure or built compliance; and the ability to further utilise the data this creates can be extremely advantageous for operational analytics.

What does the industry need?

At flydocs we strongly believe the industry needs greater collaboration when it comes to handling data and associated records. The opportunities available to all segments of the industry are significant and driving standardisation of data regardless of where it has come from is pivotal. We have extensive experience of working with data feeds from many of the world’s common M&E platforms – and we’re opening our doors to work with all providers. So, come talk to us today and let’s see what we can do for you!