Asset Management

Reduce the risks and protect the value of your leased assets with FLYdocs

The value of your assets depends on your clients complying with the terms of their lease, and your accuracy in forecasting Maintenance Reserves and End of Lease compensation cashflows. Neither task is easy, with key data hidden within 100’s of pages of legal documents, information from Lessees not readily available, and limitations with current cashflow calculations.

Introducing the new FLYdocs Asset Management Platform, one platform for lease and asset management of aircraft and engine portfolios, designed by leasing industry experts to provide you with the most precise and accurate control over your aircraft leases and finances. Automated event triggers, sophisticated cashflow calculators and advanced reports and dashboards offer detailed insights for enabling faster, more informed decisions concerning lease compliance, maintenance reserves and EOL compensation.


Take the complexity out
of lease management

Create a digital replica of your lease by capturing business critical information online. Schedule automated reminders of important events to ensure ongoing lease compliance.

Improve the profitability
of your lessor relationships

With the most significant lease obligations available at your finger-tips, and monthly utilisation reporting automated, the time and cost of managing Lessor compliance is significantly reduced.

Streamline operations with
intelligent user engagement

The Platform is easy to use. Lease set-up is quick, customisable and kept to the essentials. Data entry requirements are minimised with automation and industry-standard drop-down tables.

Manage risks with unrivalled
control over aircraft finances

Maintenance Reserve and EOL Compensation Cash Flow Forecasting delivers the industry’s most precise and accurate information to help you reduce risks and run your business more effectively.

Drive business value with instant
access to lease, asset and records data

Built upon the same source of data as the FLYdocs records management platform, you and your clients will enjoy additional business efficiencies when they are an existing FLYdocs user. We can easily migrate data from other record systems too.

Make informed decisions on-the-go
with mobile-optimised Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards optimised for viewing on mobile devices allow you to quickly see a snapshot of your business; regardless of your location, you can stay informed and in control.


Here are just some of the features within FLYdocs®, which help Lessors protect the value of their assets.

Asset Management

Track the history of every major component, including utilisation, shops visits and Engine & APU LLP snapshots.

Lease Management

Capture essential details to enable you to effectively manage lease compliance throughout its life.

MR and EOL Compensation

Record current MR and EOL rates, and the rate escalation process; manage MR claims and track MR funds.

MR and EOL Compensation Forecasting

Advanced event forecasting (interval and cost), cash flow prediction, and maintenance cost modelling and exposure analysis.

Reporting and Dashboards

Use advanced reporting and mobile-optimised dashboards for managing your portfolio interactively in real time.

Event Management

Automated reminders of critical events, such as insurance schedules, annual rate escalations, and utilisation reporting.

What they said

  • The platform’s superior functionality will provide us ease of use and multi-user web access to technical aircraft records from anywhere in the world.
    - Justin Goatcher, CDB Aviation, Head of Asset Management
  • The platform will bring much more versatility and control across the entire audit and transition process. We are also excited by the improvements it will make to our aircraft remarketing and trading performance too.
    - Rich Poutier, Chief Technical Officer, MCAP
  • We were impressed by the technical capabilities of the FLYdocs® platform. We contracted FLYdocs to manage the complete project from scanning to audit, and have the FLYdocs team to thank for their hard work and expertise.
    - Barry Keenaghan, Project Manager, NAC

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