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Protect the value of your aircraft assets with FLYdocs

A real-time insight into the current status of your leased assets can help you to maximise the profitability of your Aircraft Leasing business. With instant access to up-to-minute technical records, you can avoid unexpected airworthiness compliance issues during aircraft returns, which can seriously impact the value of your asset; and can also arm your Sales & Marketing team with the accurate information to support their commercial activities. This is all made possible with FLYdocs®, an online centralised platform for continuous aircraft record management.

FLYdocs® transforms unstructured complex data into meaningful industry-standard formats, which within seconds, can be used to support aircraft transitions. Reducing the time, cost and stress of maintaining and managing aircraft technical records, FLYdocs® enables Asset and or Technical Managers to focus their attention on delivering more efficient and higher value operations.

With a digital replica of all aircraft records, from manufacture to teardown, available online 24/7, and complemented with automated industry-standard compliance reporting and collaborative online Project Management capabilities, FLYdocs provides full transparency of your Aircraft’s status at all times, enabling you to make informed decisions which will protect the value of your assets.


Get up and running with
FLYdocs® in no time

It’s quick and easy to get going with FLYdocs®; being web-based, a secure log-in gives you instant access to the platform, which you’ll find is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.

Enjoy significant efficiencies
with paperless trading

Digital copies of maintenance records, supported by digital photos of an aircraft’s condition, all instantly accessible, means you no longer need to waste valuable resources searching for documents, or worse still, incur the cost of deploying reps to make last-minute inspections.

Access accurate data to optimise
commercial activities

Build a Technical Evaluation Data Room for an asset within FLYdocs®, then provide potential lessors with read-only access to the records of the asset to support and speed up commercial activities.

Have confidence in your Residual Value Guarantee

Maintain compliance with the stipulations of any Residual Value Guarantee with a full digital history of your aircraft’s technical records and maintenance history.

Be responsive to
potential repossessions

Should it be necessary to repossess an aircraft, with a complete set of audited digital records, you can immediately re-market your asset and minimise any potential revenue losses.

Trust in our
Data Migration experts

Our team of Technical Records Consultants are all degree-level, or equivalent aviation qualified professionals, and can manage your data migration, no matter how large and complex, and at the same time drive exceptional value into the process.


Here are just some of the features within FLYdocs®, which help Lessors manage their records more effectively.

Mobile Ready

Access the system on-the-go as FLYdocs has a number of apps and is fully web enabled for mobile devices

Maintenance History

Digital Inventory of your technical records accessible 24/7

Delivery Bible

A digital portfolio of an aircraft covering all maintenance and aircraft records

Fleet Management

Manage airframes, engines, gears and APUs interactively in real time

Interactive Reporting

Use advanced reporting for managing data

Project Management

Support & lead commercial discussion by managing project queries

What they said

  • The platform’s superior functionality will provide us ease of use and multi-user web access to technical aircraft records from anywhere in the world.
    - Justin Goatcher, CDB Aviation, Head of Asset Management
  • The platform will bring much more versatility and control across the entire audit and transition process. We are also excited by the improvements it will make to our aircraft remarketing and trading performance too.
    - Rich Poutier, Chief Technical Officer, MCAP
  • We were impressed by the technical capabilities of the FLYdocs® platform. We contracted FLYdocs to manage the complete project from scanning to audit, and have the FLYdocs team to thank for their hard work and expertise.
    - Barry Keenaghan, Project Manager, NAC

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