Consultancy Services
By Jen Adams

Leveraging our years of industry experience across hundreds of projects, FLYdocs experts work with aviation organisations to provide consultancy services that make a difference.

  • Technical scanning – on-site (anywhere), off-site, historic fleet or business as usual
  • Lease return project management
  • Aircraft repair management – physical mapping, data cleansing, historic data building and status management
  • MPD vs AMP/AMS mapping
  • CPCP/ SSI management
  • MOD/ STC/ SB support
  • Propulsion and gear management – engine management, gear management, LLP management and forecasting and audit management
  • Cabin development management – mapping of life vests, oxy generators etc
  • Build of statuses – required to manage the aircraft or asset on a day-to-day basis or for lease return
  • Return forecasting and lease return advisory

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